Coaching and mental preparation for top athletes.

Psychosport is an association specialised in sports psychology, sports coaching and mental preparation for competitions.

Composed of a team of experienced coaches and sports psychologists, Psychosport has been offering its services since 2003.

Our team works mainly in Belgium with athletes, trainers, coaches and clubs, in individual and team sports.

We help them to improve both their well-being and their performance through various means.

Finally, we also provide training abroad, mainly in France and Germany.

For athletes abroad, it is possible to have online video consultations.

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This type of support aims to optimise the potential of athletes in competition through continuous work on the mental level, the central pillar of performance.

Personalized coaching also concerns the psychological support of the athlete on a daily basis as well as his or her career management.

Psychosport provides sportsmen and women with various tools whose objective is to train, put into practice and automate new mental techniques.

These techniques become integrated by the athlete and are then used in competition to help improve performance.

Psychosport organises training and conferences in mental preparation and sports psychology for sports managers (coaches, physical trainers, club and federation managers, etc.).

Our training courses are primarily intended for clubs and federations that wish to train their staff.

Need for specific coaching ?

Our long experience in the world of competitive sport gives you access to professional and personalised support, tailored to your situation.

Why use our services?

Over the years, Psychosport has become a reference in the field of sports psychology in Belgium and throughout Europe.

We have been working for more than 15 years in collaboration with numerous clubs and top athletes.

Our work usually takes place in several phases:

  • Needs analysis and target setting

  • Mental training

  • Preparation for the competition

  • Evaluation

Individual sport

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Tennis, Golf, Athletics, Running, Table Tennis, Combat Sports, Swimming, etc.

Team sport

sport equipe psychosport

Football, Hockey, Basketball, Handball, Rugby, Baseball, Volleyball, etc.


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Psychosport helps you improve your well-being and performance

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