Trainings psychosport

The training courses offered by Psychosport are intended for trainers and other managers (physiotherapists, sports coaches, technical directors, sports doctors, psychologists, dieticians, etc.).
Our training courses are tailor-made, depending on our availability, at your structure or you can take part in a conference or a training course organised by us.

Two dimensions are addressed in our training courses:

  • Mental skills training
  • Sports psychology aspects

Mental preparation training

These courses are intended for coaches and other managers, such as physiotherapists, sports coaches, technical directors, etc.

These courses deal with the themes of mental preparation and/or sports psychology, and aim to integrate tools into practice in the areas of :

  • concentration (attention)
  • self-confidence
  • motivation
  • perseverance
  • stress and pressure management
  • coaching of the coach
  • individual and team mental preparation
  • coach/trainee relationships, etc.

Sport psychology courses

Training in sport psychology deals with more problematic subjects than in mental preparation.

If in mental preparation, one remains globally in the training of psychological skills that help performance (such as concentration), clinical sport psychology deals with the management of more delicate situations.

This is the case, for example, of dependence on virtual communication tools (smartphone, games, internet, etc.) or products, tools for managing sleep disorders, problematic stress and anxiety, problems of depression in sportsmen and women, etc.

Conferences at Psychosport

Psychosport organises conferences on sports psychology, sports performance and mental preparation.

Some conferences are scheduled annually and others can be tailor-made on request.

  • Scheduled conferences : To find out about future conferences organised by Psychosport, please refer to the agenda
  • Tailor-made conferences : These conferences are organised at your request, within your structure. These conferences aim to introduce staff members to the principles of sports psychology and mental preparation, to see the possibilities of integrating it into their practice, and the possibilities of collaboration with a sports psychologist or mental coach with the club.

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