Mental preparation.

Psychosport offers mental preparation support for individual sports, team sports and coaches.

  • Individual mental preparation
  • Team mental preparation
  • Coaching of the trainer
Mental preparation Psychosport
Sport psychology psychosport

Sport psychology.

Psychosport offers personalised support in the various fields of sports psychology.

  • Mental preparation

  • Psychological support for athletes
  • Help with sports injuries
  • Reconversion of a sporting career


Two dimensions are addressed in the training courses at Psychosport.

  • Mental skills training

  • Aspects of sport psychology

Psychosport also organises scheduled conferences throughout the year as well as personalised conferences on request.

Psychosport has been working with numerous clubs and top athletes for over 15 years.

Over the years, our association has become a reference in the field of sport psychology in Belgium and throughout Europe.

Manuel Dupuis

Founder of Psychosport

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