Videoconference on mental imagery in competitive sport

Given the current circumstances and the requests to repeat this conference, Manuel Dupuis (sport psychologist, mental coach) will present a second time the conference on mental imagery in sport which has shown its effectiveness both scientifically and in the field.

    • When will it be held? 14 December 2020 at 8.30 pm
    • Where? Online (Zoom)
    • For whom? Sports staff (trainers, coaches, …), athletes, parents…

What? The programme will be the following:
– Interest of mental imagery to maintain technique and optimize performance through its impact on the mental pillar (self-confidence, concentration…)
– Examples of techniques and concrete cases
– Preparing for competitions
– Questions and answers

Manuel Dupuis is a sports psychologist and mental trainer since 2003 and works for many sportsmen and clubs, amateurs and professionals.

Practical information
Registration fee: 10 euros
Registration by e-mail (specify number of places, one e-mail address per participant)

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